Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

TH November 17, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is very knowledgeable and compassionate, he’s the kind of doctor that seems hard to find these days. He truly cares for your well being and is always determined to fix whatever the issue is, not mask it. He works constantly, anytime you need him he is there, always a phone call away. He’s the best doctor I’ve ever had. I highly recommend him!

HH November 16, 2017

FM November 11, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is the most compassionate doctor, of any kind, I have ever been treated by. He truly takes the patient’s perspective into consideration when making treatment recommendations & he cares if you say, I need to try something more cost effective. Dr. P is not only a great physician, he is also a great human being!


CE October 25, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is very committed to his patients and their needs I find that very refreshing because he’s not in it for the money like some are! he’s in it to restore his patients lives! This past visit was my third visit with him and I was very confident that he cared about my life which I knew the appointment before but it just sprinkled it on this last one thank you Dr.

WT, October 13, 2017

Any additional comments: Thanks so much for all the help. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a good experience with a doctor

CS, October 6, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre has been a life saver for me. I’ve seen a lot of doctors in my life, but none that treated me like such a priority, or with ‘individual’ treatment. He’s an amazing doctor and exceptional human being.


VJ September 29, 2017

Any additional comments: Great as always thank you Dr Pierre

MB, September 20, 2017

CB, September 17, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre actually cares about getting to the bottom of your pain and getting as close as he can to eliminate it. He listen’s to you and welcomes feedback. He has gone above and beyond to help me!

FM, September 17, 2017

WT, September 16, 2017

DR September 8, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is the most compassionate doctor I have ever had!


CE August 31, 2017

GP August 24, 2017

Any additional comments: This doctor cares about your success and wants to see you do great things with your life. He is so professional and he knows what he is talking about


JA August 16, 2017

RS August 12, 2017

CB July 30, 2017

LP August 10, 2017

Any additional comments: One of the most professional, friendly, compassionate, intelligent doctors I have ever met in the last ten years in pain management. He’s awesome!!!!!


JB August 11, 2017

Any additional comments: I am so thankful that you accepted me as a new pain person. That I found a doctor that cares.


RC, August 11, 2017

CB July 30, 2017

LP August 10, 2017

Any additional comments: One of the most professional, friendly, compassionate, intelligent doctors I have ever met in the last ten years in pain management. He’s awesome!!!!!


JB August 11, 2017

MB, July 16, 2017

Any additional comments: Love my doctor great guy helped me change my life for the good.  If only other doctors could work with us working guys we need it at times.


Richard July 17, 2017

AP July 17, 2017

CB July 30, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr pierre I would like to thank you for being my Dr. I feel comfortable when I arrive in your office . Thanks for helping me living life great with my grand babies and just life in general. Happy to have you as my Dr. A+!


JJ, July 11, 2017

Any additional comments: I am extremely happy with Dr. Pierre. Im very pleased with how i can get into to see the doctor within a couple days of making my appointments. Its very convenient to be able make these appointments online. Dr. Pierre spends the amount of time with me during my appointments that help me to feel my best interest is on his mind as we discuss my treatment plan. He answers my questions in a way that i completely understand. I recently needed his help and when i contacted him, his response was very quick & the problem i had encountered was resolved just as fast. I truly appreciate his professional manner as well as feeling that I am able to speak openly during my visits. I completely trust his judgement and have referred my family to Dr. Pierre who is also is very pleased with the care & service that he provides. I will definitely recommend him to others in the future. I am happy to have found him when i did. Dr. Pierre is a wonderful doctor who holds a lot of wisdom & knowledge. It is obvious to me that he is constantly educating himself. This is the type of doctor everyone should have caring for them.


MP, June 23, 2017


AC, June 10, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre saved my life and is one of the most compassionate, intelligent, and qualified doctors I’ve ever met. I’m so glad I found him, and my family feels the same. I highly recommend him for suboxone therapy.


JS June 6, 2017

Any additional comments: very efficient, quick and nice


DR, June 1, 2017

Any additional comments: Superior care. Dr. Pierre is a genuinely concerned and caring person who listens attentively and treats the whole person. If you are a person who is suffering from chronic pain or addiction, I would highly recommend Dr. Pierre. He has dramatically improved my quality of life and has given me my life back.


JS May 30, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre he the best Dr I’ve ever had and he’s very compassionate and caring who will go the extra mile to help you get thru the tough times! I love him to death would recommend him to any addict or person who’s in pain! I’ve been on everything and he’s done tried everything there was until I got relief! Thank the Lord for Dr. Pierre! He never gives up on you! Give him a try he’s the best ever! We we’re one of his first patients and we will never leave him and he’s such a great Dr he gives you his own cell number! Dr. Pierre is the only one to use! I give him 10 stars!


DB, May 28, 2017

Any additional comments: I had a fantastic visit with Dr. Pierre. He is so kind and caring and actually takes the time to listen.


BL, May 25, 2017


Any additional comments: My 1st time to visit Dr Pierre was very comfortable. Dr. Pierre spent over a hour getting to know my health conditions before he prescribed me with medications for my treatment. Very down to earth Dr. I will keep seeing him , and would recommend him to anyone that needs a professional Doctor. Dr Pierre is your answer.


JJ, May 17, 2017


Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre was not only compassionate, but seemed to actively listen & understand that in addition to injuries that cause acute pain, the way one treats their body early in life (e.g. sports injury, strenuous exertion levels in one’s career, etc.) directly affects the chronic pain level one feels later in life. He also understands & works well with self-pay patients in getting the best possible care for one’s budget, so that one is not left deciding whether to pay the rent or get your medications each month. He is very knowledgeable about getting as many miles out of treatment options that work well for the individual. You will definitely not find cookie-cutter medicine being practiced here! Frugaldoctor Anesthesia is a patient-centered atmosphere and the non-traditional appointment times make it a perfect match for the working man! Frugaldoctor is a prime example of the type of patient-centered care that physicians should adopt all across this country! May 15, 2017


How satisfied were you with our service (out of 5): 5

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend (out of 5): 5


Any additional comments: Very professional and showed great patient care and empathy. Need to schedule a new appointment for 2 weeks.


LP, May 12, 2017


Any additional comments: Really love the doc ,not treated like cattle getting pushed thru the line! I’m pleased with 1st day results looking forward to 2nd week follow up ! Thank you so much!!


RA, May 6, 2017

Any additional comments: Good service appointment scheduling process a little complicated


ME, May 3, 2017

Any additional comments: I am so glad i found this doctor. He cares & understands & don’t treat you like a addict. He knows what pain is. He talks to you. Just my first vist but i believe i am lucky to have him for my doctor.


RC May, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is an excellent doctor and I believe he sincerely cares about his patients. I am truly grateful to be a patient of his.


TT, May 2, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr Pierre is the best! He takes interest in your overall health and well being. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking help from chronic pain or addiction he will start you on a process that will work for you.


RS April 25, 2017

Any additional comments: the doctor actually made me feel like a person. he works in every way possible to get them healthy.


DR April 25, 2017

CB April 20, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is compassionate and knowledgeable!


VJ April 19, 2017

Any additional comments: Very professional, in a very low key area so that nobody will know exactly what you are doing. The doc truly takes time to hear and understand you!


MH, April 18, 2017

Any additional comments: I was really impressed with my first visit with Dr. Pierre, he was very knowledgeable, took the time to listen to my concerns, examined me and after seeing a variety of Doctors to address my pain issues, I feel hopeful that Dr. Pierre is going to give me the kind of care that is going to get my pain under control.


KB April 10, 2017

Any additional comments: Making appointments is very easy and quick online. I’ve contacted other doctors for suboxone therapy and was added to a waiting list. Having the ability to choose my appointment time according to my schedule was great. I was able to meet with Dr. Pierre within 1 week. The appointment itself was in a relaxed & professional atmosphere. I felt free to talk about my concerns & history openly without judgement. I would without a doubt refer friends or family to Dr. Pierre in the future.


MP April 8, 2017

RA April 7, 2017

Any additional comments: The doctor is not only knowledgeable, but caring. I truly enjoy seeing a doctor who is strong enough to look beyond his or her own field of expertise for other approaches that might help their patient. A doctor who is patient & results-oriented rather than only profit centered.


HB April 7, 2017

Any additional comments: Up to date and a great service


CL, April 7, 2017

SS, April 6, 2017

RP, April 5, 2017


AR, March 29, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is very kind and has a true passion for helping people. I am very impressed in how he provides care for his patients. I would and will highly recommend him to anyone looking for a doctor in his line of care.


HH, March 19, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr.Pierre is great!! He is not just a good doctor, but he is a good man…I am looking forward to my next visit!!


SR, March 22, 2017

AR, March 22, 2017

Any additional comments: The service is great,easy to navigate and use.The Doctor is fantastic,well educated and a compassionate person who actually takes the time to talk with you and genuinely is interested and helpful towards your problems.It took me a long time to find a doctor like this.He is top of the line,in my opinion.


CL, March 28 2017

Any additional comments: I love this guy! I wouldn’t even want to tell you how bad off I would be, if not dead! If it wasn’t for the good Dr.’s help!!


AP, March 19, 2017

Any additional comments: Comforting. Intelligent. Professional.


Deborah March 18, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre is the most caring, yet professional doctor, that I’ve ever seen. He helps me and my husband both. We are grateful to have found him.


SG, March 14, 2017

Any additional comments: Booking an appointment has never been easier! I like how the system asks the patient multiple times after you’ve made your appointment on whether you wish to keep the date & time slot or not. One thing we are all trying to avoid is a waste of time or overpaying. I would say that this system is well worth whatever $ has been put into it. Much better than calling in, waiting, then booking.


CS, March 7, 2017

Any additional comments: Dr. Pierre was very friendly and professional. He actually seemed to care about my needs as a patient.


TJ, March 6, 2017

AR, March 3, 2017

Any additional comments: I found the out about Dr. Pierre through a simple google search for suboxone doctors in my area. I’m a new patient, and from the the very first appointment, and since I’ve felt very comfortable with him. I love how I can book online, confirm my appointment, get text reminders both the day before and day of my appointment. In my last appointment I was advised that we now can pay online, which is very convenient, because I will no longer have to stop and withdraw money from my bank or the ATM. It’s a very easy website to navigate and I’m beyond pleased with everything and everyone involved. If the rating allowed I would have definitely given you guys a 10, bc Dr. Pierre have worked with me on scheduling appointments on days where my appointment was cancelled. He took time to meet me in between surgeries. I’ve already recommended two people to you guys. As far as I’m concerned, there is nothing you need to change or do to make the patients experience more simple and extraordinary. Keep up the good work. Best Dr, staff, and website I’ve ever had to deal with. That’s saying a lot, bc I’ve been to several doctors since 2009, not once have I ever been so happy or recommended two buddies of mine to the several other offices I’ve been too. You guys are awesome and I love how responsive Dr Pierre is, he will reply extremely fast to questions I may have. Thank you for all you guys have done. I give you guys 10⭐️


AH, February 28, 2017

Any additional comments: not a bad service. it does take the human touch out of setting up an appointment face to face with another. other than that, this is a great use of technology.


SA, February 3, 2017

DR, January 16, 2017

Any additional comments: Awesome doctor, very patient and understanding. He made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

BM, January 4, 2017

CW, December 28, 2016

Any additional comments: It is so refreshing to meet a doctor who truly is a doctor and not just someone with a prescription pad. Dr. Pierre is caring and thorough. He spent time explaining to me his views on what his experience has taught him concerning those with my physical and history findings . I appreciate his expertise and willingness to think outside conventional medical dogma when necessary. And, I appreciate how he lays out a plan for patient care.


HB, December 15, 2016

CB, December 5, 2016

MB, December 3, 2016

Any additional comments: I’ve been going to Dr. Pierre for about 8 months now and he is a great Doctor! He cares, he listens, & he’s stern! He expects the best out of his patient and accepts nothing less! I’ve been an addict for 15 years and I’ve never been so confident that I’m going to make it this time with his help and with the maintenance of suboxone.


JY November 16, 2016