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Do You Have Symptoms of Low Testosterone?


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Low Energy

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Solutions to Low Testosterone

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Welcome to Frugaldoctor PLC

When it comes to low testosterone replacement, substance abuse treatment or even stem cell injection, the hardest part about choosing a doctor is knowing who to trust to help you feel better.
That problem is eliminated once and for all when you realize that I use evidence based medicine to individualize your treatment to address what is causing your lack of energy, focus, and possibly pain.
But this isn't just a matter of giving you a testosterone injection, Suboxone prescription or injecting stem cells into your joints.

Every single day, I read the latest research articles that pertains to you, and strategically design a treatment plan to help you get the results you want to achieve. Believe me, the science is constantly being improved and your treatment can always be enhanced.
I focus on 3 areas where the typical cookie cutter approaches have failed to relieve your symptoms and have made treatment expensive and inconvenient.

Let’s face it

Let’s face it, you may be similar to other patients but you are definitely not the same. You don’t have the same work schedule, sleep cycle, or goals. All of these factors affect how well you respond to treatment. So, your treatment plan has to be different than the next patient and that plan has to be flexible as you change. That’s a big difference you will find with me the first day.
Lastly, I make treatment convenient by not requiring costly, weekly visits, or broadcasting to the world what problems you suffer from. If it’s testosterone replacement you need, 52 visits per year is asking too much. With an expanding staff to make scheduling easy, I only require 4 yearly visits for testosterone replacement or testosterone boosting. For those needing substance abuse treatment, the treatment is a receptor based treatment to optimize treatment success. Need more reasons to choose us? Go to my testimonials page: