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You are an awesome provider! You make a positive difference daily!

You are a GREAT Doctor, Dr. Harold Pierre and there is no way to thank you for saving my life and for you being there for me, and my family like you have been, nothing I can do can express my gratitude and thankfulness to you.It’s going to be twelve years this Dec. 20th that I had my AFE and all I can say is that “We all love you and your family” for everything that you havedone!
L. P.

Couldn’t agree more or said it any better Allyson! He’s a wonderful human being. And I actually found him by the grace of God when I needed a person like him the most!
J. Y.

I really appreciate how you’ve helped my family, much respect and I’m glad we became friends.
R. C.

What a great feeling that must be for you. Mostly because you give 100 percent with every patient/and healthcare providers as well. You are never too busy to help others. And it shows in everything you do and say. Hillcrest patients and staff are grateful for your amazing mind, and exceptional doctoring skills you possess. You never hesitate to help your staff and patients
achieve wellness.

D. R.

You are a wonderful doctor.
K. H.

You are good at what you do. All of your patients adore you.
R. F.

You are one of the good ones, Dr. Harold Pierre. A truly good doctor that cares and wants to make sure what you do gets done right and has a positive impact.
M. H.

I’ve been going to Dr. Pierre for about 8 months now and he is a great Doctor! He cares, he listens, & he’s stern! He expects the best out of his patient and accepts nothing less! I’ve been an addict for 15 years and I’ve never been so confident that I’m going to make it this time with his help and with the maintenance of suboxone.
J. Y.

It is so refreshing to meet a doctor who truly is a doctor and not just someone with a prescription pad. Dr. Pierre is caring and thorough. He spent time explaining to me his views on what his experience has taught him concerning those with my physical and history findings . I appreciate his expertise and willingness to think outside conventional medical dogma when necessary. And, I appreciate how he lays out a plan for patient care.
H. B.

You truly are an incredible, beyond intelligent, gifted, and you truly care and want the very best for your patients! I suffer from what society tells us is a “disgraceful disease!” Being an addict, in recovery today, I feel very grateful and thankful for such a compassionate, generous, and most importantly, a non-judgemental Dr. who doesn’t “slam his fist down” if you will, and make you feel lesser than a person as you may already feel! He takes his precious and valuable time to do an extensive research on anything and everything you have a question regarding, and/or something he may feel will be of benefit to you. My hubby and I actually found Dr. Harold Pierre by accident… But we know and realize he’s anything BUT! I just wanted to share a tad-bit of praise and many Thanks!

I wish you a happy holiday season and I hope that you and your family enjoy the season. You are a Godsend to my life and as my quality of life gets better, I want you to know what a difference you have made in my life. Me and my family wish I could have found you years ago. Thank you for being a compassionate and caring man. The world needs more people like you.
Thank you again.

C. L.