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What is Regenerative Medicine:
The Mayo Clinic describes regenerative medicine as, “a game-changing area of medicine with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs, offering solutions and hope for people who have conditions that today are beyond repair.”
The therapy involves using one or a combination of these products:
1) Stem Cells obtained from your bone marrow or fat
2) Stem Cells obtained from a placenta
3) Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) obtained from your blood

How Does Regenerative Medicine Work:
Stem cells are obtained by removing a sample of bone marrow from your hip or body fat, the sample is placed in a centrifuge that spins at a high velocity to separate the stem cells from other cells that we do not need for therapy. A similar process, with the exception of drawing blood from your vein, occurs to form a concentration of platelets called PRP. Once separated,the products can be injected into disease areas of the body for specific treatment.

The injected products (stem cells and PRP) enter the area to rejuvenate your body’s natural ability to heal itself, regenerate cells and tissue function that have been damaged by disease, or replace cells or tissue that have been lost to injury, disease, aging and normal wear.

Stem cells have a unique property to divide and develop into many different cells in your body.Stem cells grow based on their surroundings which stimulate them to grow into cartilage,ligaments, bone or other tissue. Once they become these new specialized tissue, they can reestablish the normal function of these tissues. PRP, are a high concentration of platelets often reaching 5 times what is found in normal blood. They contain growth factors that are released into damaged tissue to stimulate growing stem cells and further the healing process.

What Treatments Can I Receive
Almost any area of the body may receive treatment as the science of regenerative medicine
progresses. Currently, diseases such as arthritis, ligament, and cartilage injuries have been the
focus at Frugaldoctor. For more information about these diseases please follow the links “Stem
Cell Treatment for Arthritis”. The areas of treatment are listed below:
Knee                              Hip                                       Shoulder
Ankle                             Elbow                                   Wrist
Neck                              Back                                      Partial Ligament Tears

How Do I Choose A Regenerative Medicine Doctor
To emphasize an important fact, all physicians of regenerative medicine are providing essentially the same products. The physician extract your stem cells or platelets, they concentrate them in a portable centrifuge, and they inject them into the areas they want to regenerate. Other times, they are using stem cells from placental donors which the doctor obtains often from the same company. So what are the difference? Cost and protocols.

Cost for therapy can be very high, but if you do your homework, you will find varying differences in price for what is essentially the same therapy. Many factors affect cost: Are you paying for lots of physical overhead at the facility that has nothing to do with regenerative medicine? Are there physician partners and staff to pay who are not involved with your treatment? Are there expensive equipment that is necessary for other orthopedic procedures but are completely unnecessary for stem cell injections? These costs will inevitably be passed on to you at those clinics.

Protocols are the treatment plans used to obtain the highest success rates from therapy. These include appropriate patient selection, medication restrictions, after care, and preservation of the healing. This is the area of regenerative medicine which continues to evolve. While claims are made by physicians, companies and sales representatives, that their protocols are the best, scientists are working diligently to develop the protocols backed by evidence that achieve the highest effectiveness.

Why Choose Frugaldoctor?
I’ve made regenerative medicine treatment as affordable, convenient and accessible as possible for you. Your treatment will be provided predominantly during weekend hours so that you will not have to disrupt your week. Ultrasound imaging system is used thus eliminating the cost of expensive X-ray machines that have nothing to do with your care. Lastly, you receive care directly from me and an assistant solely involved in your regenerative medicine treatment.

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