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About Frugaldoctor

I am an anesthesiologist with years of experience managing patients during thousands of orthopedic surgeries, painful interventions and those who have chosen medications over surgery. I’ve cared for patients in hospice and continue to care for patients at my pain and addiction clinic. I chose the field of anesthesiology because I wanted to help eliminate pain.

More than a decade after completing my residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital, I’ve watched many patients continue to endure pain despite the promises of reconstructive surgeries that have failed to eliminate the pain. This pain inevitably leads to dissatisfaction, prolonged disability and potentially years of pain medications. These conditions account for the bulk of the patients I see at my outpatient pain and addiction clinic. If you are faced with the risk of undergoing major orthopedic surgery, you need to consider all options.

I believe that stem cell therapy promises to be an alternative treatment to invasive surgery or long term pain medication. Currently, this therapy is very expensive. However, I have minimized the cost of treatment by eliminating expenses such as a large office, expensive X-ray machines, in-office laboratories and other equipment that will NEVER be used for stem cell therapy at those clinics. Those expenses are necessary for other orthopedic procedures. However, the cost will inevitably be passed on to you at other clinics. That will never be the case when you choose my office. I provide the highest quality of stem cells at the lowest price
possible and expand access to this promising therapy so you can heal yourself without surgery.